[Vacancy] Environmental Officer

Environmental Officer

Overall Function of the Position:

The Environmental Officer (EO) will be responsible for coordination and supervision of environmental and social safeguards relating to implementation of the N-CARES RA2. Responsibilities will include the coordination of implementation of the Environmental Management Plan (EMP), Resettlement Policy Framework (RPF) and Pest Management Plan (PMP).

Specific Duties of the Position:

  • Collates baseline data on relevant environmental characteristics of the selected RA2 sites; ·Analyzes potential community/individual sub-projects and their environmental impacts in collaboration with the State CARES Coordinating Office(SCCO). Ensures that sub-projects are implemented in accordance to best practices and guidelines set out in the EMP, RPF and PMP;
  • Ensures the usage by RA2 Beneficiaries of the generic checklist of environmental/social impacts as contained in the Environmental Assessment Procedures Handbook;
  • Identifies and liaises with all the stakeholders involved in environment and social related issues in the RA2;
  • Coordinates and ensures the implementation of the PMP, RAP, and any other plans on grazing reserves, soil and water monitoring plans;
  • Responsible for the overall monitoring of mitigating measures and the impacts of the RA2 during implementation; and
  • Provides implementation assistance as necessary.

Reporting and Location:

The position will be based in the State Cares Coordinating Office(SCCO)in the State capital, but will involve frequent travel to participating Local Governments and communities. The EO will report directly to the State Cares Coordinator(SCC)

Qualifications Required:

  • First or higher degree in Ecology, Geography, Natural Resources Management, Environmental Management or any related field;
  • Minimum of 6years relevant experience. Some experience with projects involving development agencies would be an advantage;
  • Fluency in local language.
  • Good communication and writing skills and computer skills (Excel, Word, etc) required.

Details of the Contract:

Two-year contract.

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