[Vacancy] Management Information System Officer

Management Information System Officer

Overall Function of the Position:

Working closely with the State MEO, the Management Information System Officer(MISO) will be responsible for the overall information system management for the project at their respective state and in collaboration with the National NCARES office and National Result Area 2 supporting office (NCCO);

Specific Duties will include:

  • Advise on hardware network design and hardware (technical specifications) acquisition;
  • In conjunction with the MEO and other relevant PIU members, he/she would ensure that the Project Management Information System is user friendly, web-based and meet both general and state’s peculiar requirements for disbursement, and that could be easily aggregated at the National level;
  • Maintain the data base for information storage and timely retrieval
  • Analyze the entire project data for use by management in guiding decision;
  • Coordination of data entry and file uploads into systems to be used by the project facilitators and their respective production clusters on a regular basis.
  • Regularly provide technical backstopping to users of the MIS at all levels.
  • Ensures appropriate, collection, collation and analysis of interventions coordinates especially for poverty mapping
  • Perform any other assignments, as may be assigned by the SCC

Reporting and Location:

The position will be based in the SCCO in the State capital, but may involve occasional travel to participating local governments and communities.

Qualifications Required:

  • First or higher degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Agricultural Economics, Economics, Project Management or other relevant degree;
  • Minimum of 5years post-qualification experience in Management Information System, Computer programming, planning, monitoring and evaluation, especially, of externally assisted projects;
  • Good communication and writing skills; and
  • Competence in the use of standard computer software applications for statistical analysis is not NEGOTIABLE.

Details of the Contract:

Two-year contract.


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