Some Achievements

Programmes and some projects of the agency.

Some Projects of the Agency

  • Oyo youth in Agribusiness Program (ongoing)

Programmes of the Agency

  • Oyo State Regional Agribusiness Development Program

    The State has embarked on revamping and developing of all moribund farm settlements in the State into Farm Estates. The development and management will be structured as a public-private and development partnerships initiative that will cohesively address all structural agricultural problems from production to market and adopt modern innovation and technology-driven approach to its business.

    • Status Update

      OYSADA has commenced the preparatory work for the development of our novel Farm Estate across our State. In addition, the African Development Bank (AFDB) has selected Oyo state as one of the two Strategic Agro-processing industrial Zones. The discussion is ongoing and will be finalised for implementation within the year.

      The EU is currently providing support to strengthen the competitiveness and trade-related issues through the West Africa Competitiveness Program under the 11th European Development Fund (EDF). Oyo state has been selected as part of the pilot states in Nigeria on two value chains of Tomatoes and Chili.

      Also, the development of Commodity Aggregation Centres will commence and serve as aggregation points for  farmers in the host communities. The goal is to ensure that farmers do not have to transport their produce for more than 10km to the nearest Commodity Aggregation Centre. Immediately the product is received at the centre. The farmer can immediately receive payments either through electronic transfers, mobile money payment, or issuance of a collection centre receipt for onward redemption in any participating commercial bank. It serves as the collection centre for small, medium and large Agribusiness processing companies

  • Oyo State Agribusiness Policy and Governance Program

    An enabling agribusiness policy framework plays a critical role in attracting private sector investment and enables a progressive social and economic development in the society. Through this program, we will support the development of new policies that align with current best agricultural practices, systems that coordinate donor support by establishing an Agriculture donor coordinating group. We will also create the Oyo State Agribusiness Private Sector group (OSAPSG) which will be responsible for coordinating activities of the private sector in agribusiness within the State, working actively to advise the government on global dimension in agribusiness and opportunities for scaling the state plan.

  • Oyo  State Youth in Agribusiness Program

    Skills development amongst the youth is an essential focus for OYSADA. The development of an Agribusiness Incubation park at Aawe, Oyo, Oyo state commenced,  the facility has been revamped as Oyo state incubation centre for youth development in agribusiness.

    The facility is seated on  210 hectares and is used as our training centre for Youth and Agribusiness Capacity Development. The facility is also being used for modern production and processing, branding and packaging, we will also be linking the successful trainee entrepreneur to state projects on clustered farming,  loan eligibility from Agriculture Credit Corporation of Oyo state and diverse agrotechnical program in the State for scaling of their businesses in the State within the conducive environments.

    As we expand to revamp similar facilities in other regions in the State, It is expected that at least 10,000 new youth agribusiness entrepreneurs will be developed annually.
    • Status Update

      The first pilot has commenced.  The centre started with incubation of 200 youths in agribusiness with focus on cassava,  in  The project will be technical lead by some of our development partners IITA and GIZ and resources from IFAD, AFDB through IITA and Oyo state Government is being used to develop business and infrastructures of the facility. 

  • Oyo State Agribusiness Education Development Program

    The overall objective is to support capacity development in agribusiness across all regions in the State by ensuring that the youth are trained to acquire skills that will enable them to establish and manage their own on and off-farm agribusinesses or to be employed in the agro-industry.

    We will incubate them for enhanced technical, business, entrepreneurial, financial and life skills for increased incomes and creation of employment opportunities.

    We will also to support schools in the State to become centres of excellence for agribusiness and agrotechnician with knowledge and facility support.

    • Status Update

      As part of the  Oyo state Agribusiness Education project,  Start them Early project (STEP), and  IITA piloted the project with the overall objective to promote agricultural education in primary and secondary schools to prepare young people from an early age in modern agribusiness and agricultural entrepreneurship. Through this project, we are preparing for a need of a new entrant of agribusiness practitioner to mitigate the mid and short term deficit in the modern agribusiness sector.

       The project started at Fashola Secondary school, Oyo town, with the whole school benefitting from modern learning facilities, agricultural equipment and processing centres for agribusiness. We will scale same over all the  LGA’s in Oyo State.

  • Oyo State Agribusiness Mini Park program

    OYSADA will support the development of at least a community-based one-stop mini industrial park in each of the LGAs in the State where young micro-enterprises can grow to become a Small and Medium processing companies.

    Those to benefit from the program will be equipped with training on processing technology and paired with marketing strategies, pre-packaged brands or established market connections.

    The project is expected to create about 55,000 direct and indirect jobs, reduce agricultural waste of beneficiary farmers from 80% to less than 20% , and reduce the cost of micro-processing  by as much as 60%.

  • Oyo Sustainable Rural Cities Development Program

    The project will focus on the holistic development of rural cities, the model rural city will be  designed with consideration for social, economic, environmental impact (commonly referred to as the triple bottom line), and resilient habitat for existing populations, without compromising the ability of future generations to experience the same and will support the state human and physical development plan.

    Human development will be strongly linked to the current agric education program. It will be used to support and drive interest in basic education, innovation and entrepreneurship. The physical development will be supported with the State Rural Infrastructure Development Plan with focus on road, ICT, water and energy.

    • Status Update
      The Iseyin-moniya road, Awotan-Apete road, and Eruwa-ibadan roads are linked to the Farm Hubs and we will commence development of further first and second feeders’ roads in the second quarter of 2020 using the Rural Access and Mobility Project (RAMP).