Operations and Administration

OYSADA is led and managed by the Director-General, who reports to the Executive Governor of Oyo State. The governance structure composed of  the Secretary, Executive management office, an advisory committee and two program management teams.

Steering Board

  • Composed of advisory members that supports the strategic development of the Agency.

Secretary to the Organization

The most senior Civil Service staff that support the Director-General in the day-to-day administrative running of the Agency.

Agribusiness Executive Management Office

  • will comprise of the Director-General and direct management supporting staffs.

Agribusiness Government Liaison and Core Project Management Ofice

  • Composed of the management lead at different directorates for operational purposes. 

Agribusiness Donor Project, Relation and Investment Management Office

This program office requires skills sets currently unavailable within the Civil service commission of the State. However, it will be supported by Agribusiness industry experts and specialist.

Zonal Management Office

This office comprises of the Four (4) Zonal offices that will support regional outreach work in (Ibadan/Ibarapa, Saki, Ogbomoso and Oyo).

The Agency is composed of three (3) program Implementation divisions. The Agribusiness Donor Project Division, the Agribusiness Investment Division and the Agribusiness Core Project Division. They are grouped under two (2) program management units. The donor relation project and investment are under one (1) program management unit, while the core project is under another program management unit.

  • Agribusiness Donor Program Division: Manages all donor-related agribusiness projects in the State, focuses on the peculiarity of the donor compliance, reporting system, open access and big data.
  • Agribusiness Investment Division: Responsible for coordinating all agribusiness private sector investment in the State.
  • Agribusiness Government Investment Division: Coordinates the state project-based services offered to farmers in the State.