Objectives & Functions

At our Agency, every unit and department is saddled with various functions to ensure smooth running of the Agency as we serve the public. 

Create Farm Estates

Create cohesive satellites of private sector-driven Farm Estate in the State to support the growth of agribusiness in each region of the State focusing on their areas of comparative advantages.

Technology and Social Innovation

Create technology and social innovation hubs grown through digital agriculture for support of modern precision agriculture.

Capacity Building

Enhance capacity building and the development of Small, Medium and Large Enterprises among young leaders and particularly amongst women while strengthening employment statistics in the agro-based economy of the State.

Economic Growth

Support the economic growth of the State and contribute significantly to the internally generated revenue drive of the Oyo State.

Our Agency Functions

  • Agribusiness Strategy Development
  • Agribusiness Partnerships Development and Coordination
  • Rural Economy Development
  • Innovation Development and Scaling
  • Knowledge and Information Services
  • New Agribusiness Development and management
  • Agribusiness Policy Development and Management
  • Agribusiness Investment Drive
  • Agribusiness International Development Coordination